Terms and Conditions

ARTICLE 1.- All persons (including companions) occupying a room must be registered at the Check-in, otherwise we reserve the right to deny access.

ARTICLE 2.- Check-out time is at 12:00 p.m. (applies 60 minutes of tolerance); after this time we will charge an extra day.

ARTICLE 3.- Management reserves the right to cancel the lodging contract if policy regulations, sanitation or moral laws are violated.

ARTICLE 4.- Management will not be responsible for items left in the room or partial or total loss caused by fire, earthquakes or any natural disaster. Each room has a safe-deposit box with its instructions; in case you forget the password you can ask for help at the Front Desk.

ARTICLE 5.- Management may enter the rooms of our guests at any hour in case of the violation of hotel policies, fire, misconduct, considerable damage, etc. For the case of cleaning and cleanliness of the rooms; the guests will be out of the room or with their permission, but in any case management is entitled that cleaning is carried out every day.

ARTICLE 6.- In case that the rooms has the “not disturb card” more than 2 days, the administration may be introduced into the room to do their inspection that everything is installed correctly.

ARTICLE 7.- It is forbidden to have in hotel rooms; meetings or gatherings aimed at disturbing the public order or disobey the laws or regulations. You must not use any musical instrument or bring animals, any kind of fireworks, combustible materials, any machinery to assemble, do not introduce weapons and do not hang clothes on balconies. Management reserves the right to terminate the lodging contract if the above regulations are violated without guest is entitled to any reduction in their debts for services or accommodations being submitted in addition to the agreed payment or compensation for injury or damage caused in the Room and also you should not remove any items from the room as pillows, robes, towels; so in absence of any of them we must to charge you.

ARTICLE 8.- Management will not permit access to the rooms to any person who has not been registered by our client at Front Desk and management reserves the right to prohibit visitors after 9:00 p.m.

ARTICLE 9.- Management reserves the right and request the immediate payment of amounts due for lodging or agreed services and in case it is not paid management reserves the right to cancel the lodging contract and hold luggage to guarantee payment.

ARTICLE 10.- The guests must leave the room key at Front Desk each time they go out of the Hotel Installations or when checking out time; also giving directly to the bellboy or the Person In Charge of the Front Desk.

ARTICLE 11.- Hotel Coral & Marina has adequate liability insurance according with the current Mexicans laws.(NOM-07-TUR-2002)

*Hotel Coral & Marina is not responsible and therefore the price for the service provided by anyone other than those related to the hosting service. Ej. taxis.