Lady opening curtains in a Room at Hotel Coral y Marina

Cristal Hotel

We are committed to the safety of our clients and we are constantly working on updating our hygiene and safety protocols, which is why we have created a Strategic Alliance with the company.

For over 20 years Cristal International Standards has worked exclusively in the hotel and tourism sector. Its main priority is to evaluate the risk management and certification by checking hygiene analysis, safety standards and many other factors working hand to hand with the most luxurious and exclusive hotels worldwide, restaurants, cruise ships, water parks, hospitals, etc.

Hotel Coral & Marina is the only hotel in the Northwest of Mexico that is certificate bye this prestigious company in the modules of Room Check, Pool Check, Aqua Check, Food Check and Posi Check.

King bed with a headboard in a Room at Hotel Coral y Marina

Room Check

  • The safety and cleanness of the beds and whites is guarantee
  • The effective use and handling of safety chemicals
  • The use of new technologies such as UV light for fluid detection
  • ​The continue analysis of high contact surfaces
Sunbeds by the outdoor swimming pool at Hotel Coral y Marina

Pool Check

  • The chemical composition and the quality of our pools water is balanced, safety and in adequate conditions for its use
  • The use of appropriate and safety chemicals to prevent any health risk
  • The safety equipment is properly positioned, maintained and certified
  • Filtration System
Bathroom interior of Double Presidential, Hotel Coral y Marina

Aqua Check

  • ​​Ensure that staff are trained to perform system functions
  • The installation, distribution, temperature and maintenance of the hot water network is adequate
  • Use of technologies such as UV light for fluid detection
  • Laboratory analysis for control
Staff cleaning sunbeds by the pool at Hotel Coral y Marina

Posi Check

  • Verify the design and layout of the environment to maximize the ease and effectiveness of cleaning
  • Ensure that all areas are effectively cleaned and properly disinfected
  • Ensure that general and intensified cleaning protocols are established according to each area
  • Ensure that clear and effective measures have been developed and can be effectively implemented in the event of an outbreak
Close-up of fork on a spaghetti dish at Hotel Coral y Marina

Food Check

  • Food Preparation/Meal Assembly - Temperature Control
  • Cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment
  • Recipes and cooking methods
  • Lighting and ventilation of spaces
  • ​Cleaning processes