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Harvest festivals are a tradition all over the world, but Baja California has infused its festivities with cultural and culinary activities that are unrivaled.  The combination of these elements offers guests the true color and flavor of Mexico and can only be found in Ensenada. 

The optimal harvest season in Baja California begins in August and the month showcases many celebrations and activities.  The vineyards of the region begin picking the mature grapes when the sugar content has reached the level which will produce wine with a perfect balance of flavor and alcohol.  The harvest festivals have become a symbol in town and for over 22 years have transformed the region into a place of activities that everyone is sure to enjoy.  The three week festival features food and wine tasting, art exhibitions, cooking contests and many other Mexican heritage events. 

Harvest Festival XX

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The events of the 2010 harvest festival were a rare occasion and included Ensenada, Tijuana, Mexicali and Tecate.  This year was based on international biodiversity and Baja California was recognized for its sustainable vineyards and wildlife preservation.

Harvest Festival XXI

 Fiestas Vendimia Ensenada 2011



2011 was a year to remember, showcasing twilight concerts, vintners’ night, formal dinners, visits form viticulture’s and tango dancing.  In addition there were over 40 wineries that showcased their wines over a period of 16 days.   These are just a few of the 53 events that the famous Baja California festival featured for the 2011 harvest.

Harvest Festival XXII




This celebration formally began on August 2nd with the traditional wine show and tasting in the Ex Hotel Riviera.  For 15 days you could enjoy various activities such as wine appreciation workshops, street parties and tributes to Mexican art and festivals.  The grand finale was held in the beautiful Guadalupe Valley where 85 chefs and their teams presented their best recipes for the paella contest.  Paella is a Spanish dish that has become very popular in Baja California and is a delightful combination of rice vegetables and often includes seafood, meat or both.  

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