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You will find more information than you need in these two sites, they are mostly for commercial fisherman, but many things are relevant to sport fishing.  Unfortunately there is not a page in English, but if you are using Google Chrome as your internet browser there is an option to translate the page that pops up at the top of your screen.  Many things do not translate perfectly, but there is very useful information that can help you on your next adventure.  

MARINA btn23 This site is hosted by the State of Baja California’s secretary of tourism and provides helpful information to help plan your next big fishing trip.
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The secretary of agriculture and fishing in Baja California. 

MARINA btn25 National commission of agriculture and fishing.

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Here are a few links to information on fishing regulations that are in English and Spanish:

– Closed season products   MARINA btn13
– Catalog of Fish species   MARINA btn13


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