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The local farms and ranches have produced elaborate country inspired crafts for generations.  These handcrafted products are displayed and sold along the route in Baja California and represent the local culture and traditions.




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Mexico is home to eight of the nine species of abalone that are known in North America.  Between the years of 1945 to 1965 all of the supplies that Cedros Island received came by boat which forced the locals to capture and eat the seafood products from around the island.  The fisherman caught things such as lobster and abalone, but the lack of electricity on the island created problems for storing the food.  The fisherman identified the need to develop abalone sausage which would enable the storage of their food, without the need for refrigeration.  These innovative techniques led to the creation of other types of food such as crèmes and pates, which are typically comprised of ground meats and herbs minced into a spreadable paste.   

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There are many benefits of using olive oil in the process of food preparation and it adds a touch of flavor and fragrance that is essential in cooking.  The quality of olive oil heavily depends on the composition of the soil that the olive trees are grown in, the microclimate, the ripeness of the olives and of course the care with which they are processed.  The region and climate conditions of the Guadalupe Valley were destined for olive cultivation and that is why the valley offers excellent quality olive oil. 

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At the end of Ensenada there is a region called, Ojos Negros, where they produce Los Quesos Real del Castillo.  The dairy products are characterized by their gourmet style, and while you are here you can find home style cheeses that are aged from 21 days to 18 months.   Another attribute that intensifies the flavor is the fact that the products do not contain artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives and the cows that the milk comes from are not subject to any chemical treatments or hormones.