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Early Russian settlers came to the Guadalupe valley over a century ago, and the region has upheld its roots and has been keeping the Russian style of cuisine alive.  The area offers a variety of recipes that are accompanied by traditional Russian bread and are typically prepared with dairy products, geese, ducks and wild rabbits.


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In the valley you can find a variety of unique dishes prepared in an authentic Mexican style.  Some of the dishes include lamb casserole, steak, lamb chops, Beer marinated prime cut steaks, chicken breast stuffed with spinach and mushrooms, pizzas and more.

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Thanks to the annual harvest festival that is celebrated in the beautiful Guadalupe Valley, Baja California carries on the tradition of Paellas.  Paella often includes either meat, seafood or a mix of both combined with rice and various vegetables.  The tradition has been adapted to Baja California to the extent that both the taste and style of cooking on an open fire has become a characteristic of almost every local event across the city.