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Thanks to the unique microclimates of the valleys surrounding Ensenada, the region produces red, white, roses and sparkling wine.  The extraordinary quality of the wines has brought international fame to the region, to the extent that many wineries have been awarded for the excellent products they produce.  This is why wine has been considered a symbol of Baja Californian culture and continues to be one of their most productive economic activities.  


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The cities of Tijuana and Tecate are home to breweries that have worldwide distribution and are located nearby Ensenada.  Innovative entrepreneurs in the region have begun creating new styles of artisan beers that are characterized by a mix of traditional lager beer and fruit extracts.  Some of the flavors and blends they have been creating uses extracts such as mango, tamarind, strawberry and other ingredients such as honey and mint.

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In the mid 1940’s the queen of cocktails made her new home in the beautiful port of Ensenada.  During this time there was a renowned bartender, Mr. David Negrete Covarrubias, who wanted to make the perfect drink for her friend, but wanted to keep the salt separate from the other ingredients.  David took the martini glass, squeezed an ounce of lime, added an ounce and a half of tequila, 3/4s of an ounce of Orange liquor and poured it into a glass with salt along the rim.  This was the first time the famous “Margarita” was served.