tit bajamed

Baja Med style dishes infuse 3 very different types of cuisine.  It includes Mediterranean influence from Spain, an oriental influence due to the strong presence of Asians in Mexicali and of course Mexico’s influence of flavor and spice. 

 The bay of Todos Santos shares similar characteristics with the Mediterranean and therefore the people of Ensenada are privileged with the fact that they can cook with similar raw foods.  Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero devised a plan to bring a unique and novel style of cooking to the area.  He worked with his wife for over seven years to create the Baja Med style cuisine that is famous in Baja California today. 

Roasted quail hamburger and tuna melts with shitake mushrooms are some of the recipes that Chef Miguel features in his restaurant La Querencia.  This is the place where it all began and the exciting development of Baja Med took place.  This style of food has become renowned worldwide and represents the true culture and heritage of the state of Baja California.  

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